Dietitian Consultations

with disability & aged care experts

Food Answers offers professional, best practice medical nutrition consulting services for the residents of your aged care facility, adult disability group home and community.
Adults may need help with their diet due to age, mental illness, disability or other health problems. So it’s vital to understand their issues and develop a nutritional care plan for optimal health.
Our dietitians understand each resident is different, so our consultations are tailored to their dietary needs.

Improving quality of care with a dietitian consultation

Improve your resident’s quality of life with dietitian consultations to help prevent some of these common issues:

rapid or unplanned weight loss

This may be due to medication side effects, advanced chronic illness, issues with swallowing, chewing and more.

malnutrition is a real concern

Aged or disabled adults have mobility, appetite, swallowing and dental issues making it more difficult to get enough nutrition.

pressure injuries and wounds

Adequate hydration and nutrition may assist in healing adults identified at risk of malnutrition and pressure injuries.

keeping up fluids and dehydration

Activity, illness and disability levels largely affect hydration. For aged care facilities, our highly trained dietitians also offer nutrition and hydration audits for ACFI accreditation.

low blood glucose levels

Hypoglycaemia is a concern for diabetes sufferers or those who are missing meals. A dietitian consultation helps you learn strategies to keep blood glucose levels balanced.

constipation in adults in care

This affects the aged and those with disabilities like cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis or spinal injuries due to lower fibre and fluid, mobility, changes in gut behaviour and some medication.

Full nutrition assessments

with diet consultations taking the time and care to listen to your residents.

determine nutritional and hydration needs

manage nutritional priorities

develop a treatment goal and nutrition care plan

baseline data to measure treatment plans

ongoing nutrition reviews and action

Expert nutritional assessments with an APD dietitian consultation

Our Australian Practising Dietitians (APD) offer comprehensive Nutritional Assessments including factors such as:


biometric data collection and monitoring

This includes current and historical weight, height and BMI measurements so changes can be monitored over time and management plans implemented where necessary.

dietitian services

disease and disability identification

Our dietitian consultation identifies diseases and disabilities affecting your resident’s nutrition and hydration like diabetes, dementia, intolerances, allergies and other medical conditions.


malnourishment assessments and screens

This is a real issue in aged care and disability facilities, impacting on illness, wound recovery times and overall wellbeing. Up to 70% of aged care residents suffer from this issue.


faster wound healing with the right dietary advice

Since food needs increase during recovery or healing events, our dietitian consultations give specific nutrition advice for wound and pressure injuries, enabling faster recovery.

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better social eating strategies

Our dietitians advise strategies to create a positive dining atmosphere at your aged care or disability centre as social interaction and mealtime enjoyment lead to better eating habits.

expert enteral nutrition support

expert enteral nutrition support

We also offer enteral nutrition and gut functionality support for residents and disability patients. Enteral nutrition may result from malnourishment, dysphagia or reduced levels of consciousness.

What you can expect from us

best practice medical nutrition therapy for your disability or aged care home.

caring for your residents and their needs

aged care accreditation when you need it most

greater flexibility with local NSW dietitians

frustration free dedicated account manager

culturally diverse dietitians, more culturally aware

learn more about our dietetic services for your aged care facility

nutrition & hydration audits

Learn how our APD dietitians help your aged care facility stay fully accredited.

menu planning reviews

Find out how we work with your staff to deliver best standard nutritional menus.

food services monitoring

Discover how we work with your care home’s food services team.

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