Food Services Monitoring

for better quality standards

Our aged care dietitian specialists monitor your centre’s Food Services department for correct procedures for food preparation, serving, storage and hygiene. This is another service our dietitians offer, helping you deliver the best of quality care.
Our APD dietitians work with your chefs, management and other staff to assess your facility’s food services equipment and processes.
We get to know your staff, understand your care home’s challenges and strengths, offer suggestions for better practices and install a continuous improvement plan for regular monitoring.

Working with your staff

to deliver the following dietetic services for your care home residents:

menu planning reviews

Our dietitians offer a menu planning review service giving you practical advice for ensuring your menus are varied, served at the right temperature, offer alternatives, are nutritional and more.

nutrition and hydration audits

Our aged care nutrition and hydration audits give your Food Services staff menu suggestions and strategies to get the most nutritional content out of your food. Plus, food and drink ideas for better hydration to help you meet accreditation standards.

What you can expect from us

practical tips and strategies, helping your food services team reach excellence.

dietitians with deep expertise in aged care

best practice for aged care quality standards

timely, local dietitians based in Sydney, NSW

learn more about our dietetic services for your aged care facility

menu planning reviews

Find out how we work with your staff to deliver best standard nutritional menus.

client diet consultations

Custom consultations for the unique dietary needs of your home’s residents.

nutrition & hydration review

Secure your aged care funding with faster ACFI accreditation opportunities.

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