Nutrition and Hydration Audits

with a specialist aged care dietitian

The nutrition and hydration needs of aged care residents can vary due to their gender, body shape, activity levels, medication, level of illness and disability. Unfortunately, getting enough nutrition and hydration is a frequent issue in aged care homes.
When a resident first enters your residential aged care facility, each client’s nutrition and hydration needs should be assessed with an accredited dietitian. Our dietitian consultations are documented, reviewed and acted upon regularly for more effective nutritional management.
The nutrition and hydration needs of your residents are audited periodically to ensure you comply with the current and new Aged Care Quality Standards effective 1 July 2019. This review also forms part of the Aged Care Funding Instruments (ACFI) accreditation process.
Our goal is to help your nursing home achieve excellence in your ACFI assessment and residential aged care accreditation standards so you stay funded and deliver the best quality of care for your facility.

Dehydration is common

due to a number of factors affecting elderly residents in your aged care home.

swallowing or oral issues making it harder to drink

lower thirst levels amongst seniors

some residents preferring to avoid bathroom visits

limited range of fluids at your care home

illness, medication and more

Some suggested fluids to help meet your hydration accreditation at your aged care home are soups, milk, tea, jelly, coffee, juice, water, cordial, custard and ice-cream.

Finding the right specialist aged care dietitian for all your accreditation needs

During our in-depth aged care nutrition and hydration review, our dietitians take the necessary care to address the following key elements of the aged care accreditation process:

 a well-balanced diet is vital for health

Our aged are dietitians assess if your resident’s diet is varied, healthy and well-balanced as this vital for accreditation success.

including resident food choices

We also take into account your resident’s food and drink preferences for better nutrition and hydration outcomes.

custom inclusion for better nutrition

We review dietary customs given a resident’s religious and cultural beliefs, enhancing a positive attitude to foods and fluids.

optimal food and fluid levels

Our dietitians assess if your residents are getting the best amount of food and fluid to meet their individual nutritional needs.

What you can expect from us

excellence in aged care nutrition and hydration audits so you stay funded.

keep your facility funded with ACFI accreditation

best practice for aged care quality standards

deep experience in aged care dietetics

faster reviews and audits when you need it most

greater flexibility with local NSW dietitians

learn more about our dietetic services for your aged care facility

menu planning reviews

Find out how we work with your staff to deliver best standard nutritional menus.

tailored consultations

Medical nutrition consulting for the unique dietary needs of your residents.

food services monitoring

Learn how we work with your food services staff and facility management team.

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